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Dear girl, Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be happy with yourself. Embrace all of the intricacies and complexities that make up you. Embrace your goofiness, that dry sense of humour, those thick hips, those bent toes, every flaw, every

Dear girl, I sat for a minute thinking deeply about what I might say to you. The occurrences in my life these past few months have been nothing short of exasperating, yet in my darkness, all I thought about was

A lot has been said about feminism- what it is and what it’s not. A lot of anti-feminists have arisen fighting tooth and nail to counter the feminist ideology by portraying it in bad light. Likewise, many pseudo-feminists have tried

This is one story I hate to tell. It’s a story that’s hard to tell, but one that needs to be told not because I seek clout or validation or pity but because of that one person- that one person

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