My name is Ijeoma Lauretta Gerard

I am a Communications Professional and Diction Coach. 

I run an Online Diction Training platform called The Diction Lab. The Diction Lab was founded to help entrepreneurs and career professionals become more eloquent and confident speakers by improving their pronunciation. It is an online training platform that provides premium training in English pronunciation for Africans. Check out some of my resources on Diction here.

Now, let’s get personal a bit.

On a very basic level, I’m just an everyday girl who’s unreservedly in love with Jesus. My whole life is a testimony of the power of the gospel. I spent the early years of my adulthood living a life that nearly destroyed me but I saw Jesus take the broken pieces of my life and make them into something remarkable. This is why it has become my life’s mission to make known the power of Christ’s redemption to the world.

I love to talk about my life experiences because I believe sharing your story can be a lesson to others. On my Podcast, Candid Talk with Retta and my YouTube channel, I have open, honest, authentic conversations on issues that border on love, life and faith. I also share lessons that I have learnt and (sometimes, still learning). You can listen to my podcast here, and check out my Youtube Channel, here

I’m very passionate about the girl-child. I want to see more girls step into the assignment that God has for them. I want to see more girls go for their dreams. I want to see more girls become completely sold out to Christ. It is my hope that my life and everything I do points many women back to the One who loves them the most- Jesus.

When I’m not working or thinking about work or any serious stuff, you’ll probably catch me browsing the internet for new recipes or binge-watching crime-fiction series 🤩🤩

See more random stuff about me here.

You can contact me here