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‘Ireti, what is ‘U. P?’ The teacher asked , pointing the long cane at the blackboard and giving her the ‘I know you will fail it’ look. Her small body shivered as she stood to answer. Staring blankly at the

These days when I turn on the shower to have a bath, I almost always whisper “Thank you, Jesus”. You might be wondering why but you see there was a time in my life when I couldn’t afford to live

To that girl who looks at me and thinks that I have it all together… Honey, I don’t. I’m just as flawed as you. But I understand you. Back in school, there were certain ladies whom I really wanted to

His mercy triumphs over judgementHis perfect love casts out fearHis peace envelopes usHis love restores us Have you ever felt bad about failing at something?  I know I have – far too many times, in fact. I naturally do not take failure lightly (the Holyspirit is helping me in this regard

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