Dear Girl (Open Letters from my Heart to Yours)

dear girl- lauretta gerard

Dear girl,

I sat for a minute thinking deeply about what I might say to you. The occurrences in my life these past few months have been nothing short of exasperating, yet in my darkness, all I thought about was you.

I almost gave up, but then I thought of you. Maybe somebody out there will benefit from my strength. Maybe someone out there will receive renewed hope from my victory. You are the reason, I’m fighting, dear girl. You are the reason I have refused to give up.

I hope to tell you my story someday, but for now, here’s all I’m going to say to you:

Don’t give up on you just yet. Just as I thought of you right in the throes of my pain, think of that one person whose life would be touched by your story.

Fight, my dear girl, fight. Fight like your life depends on it because it does. Somebody out there needs you to win.


Love and light,




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