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This course covers...

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the basics of pronunciation

Learn how to identify and effectively pronounce all the sounds of the English Language.

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pronunciation drills

Tons of activities and exercises to strengthen your speaking skills.

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Pronunciation techniques

Effective speaking techniques that will shore up your pronunciation skills and make people want to listen to you.

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What our customers say

"Before the diction class by Diction Lab, I didn't know that 'the' had two different pronunciations depending on where it is in the sentence. My spoken English has improved tremendously thanks to Diction Lab".
Content Writer
"The curriculum was well planned as well and it touched on the basic English pronunciation blunders we make".
Communications Specialist

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Frequently asked questions

This course has been carefully created to help you greatly improve your speaking skills by teaching you the fundamentals of English pronuniciation. 

At the moment, it goes for N2000

Most definitely! Anyone who wishes to see tremendous improvement in their speaking skills can and should enrol for this course. 

The English Pronunciation Course is fully online. Once you make payment, you will be automatically directed to a registration portal after which you will be given access to the course.

However, bank transfers will need to be confirmed first before granting access to the class.