He Loves You

Sometimes, I look back at my life and I cannot believe my eyes! It’s amazing how much transformation has occurred ever since I got to know the truth about Jesus and his love for me. It just leaves me in awe of this God! I can’t believe that God could take this completely messed up, broken, fearful girl and make something beautiful out of her life.

A lot of times I don’t even understand it. I mean how can God look me in the eye and call me righteous? Me? Has he seen my records? How can he say he doesn’t remember my sins? How can he still have good plans for me? How can this perfect God love this imperfect me? How?

I used to think I was irredeemable. I thought I was too messed up for God. I didn’t see how he could and why he should love me, but he did. He does, and he always will. Forever!

If you are reading this and you think your life is just so messed up, you think you have done so much wrong and the enemy is making you believe that God will never accept you, I want you to know that that is a LIE. Our God is love.

In Him, there are no ifs or buts, only love – UNCONDITIONAL and UNENDING LOVE. In Christ, we are forgiven. All our sins are blotted out. We are justified meaning God doesn’t see our sins. It’s almost as if it never happened. There is freedom in Jesus. No shame. No guilt. Only pure joy! This God had to take on flesh, live in this world and die like a criminal just to show you how much you are worth. But it didn’t end there, he rose again so that you can live again. Yes, he wants you to live forever with him.

So, I want to encourage you today to believe in what Christ has done for you. It doesn’t matter what you think you have done or are doing right now. God doesn’t need you to be perfect. He just needs you to believe. He still has great plans for you. He wants to give you eternal life. He loves you.

If you are a believer who has wandered away because of one or two mistakes (or maybe even a million…lol), I want you to know that there is no condemnation. Do not let the devil guilt-trip you. Yes, you did wrong but it will never change the way God feels about you. His arms are wide open and he is ever ready to receive you. You are still righteous in his eyes. No, he is not mad that you made a mistake. No, he is not waiting to crush you. He loves you. He wants you to know that you are already forgiven. You are washed. You are justified already and nothing, absolutely nothing in this world can separate you from him. 

He loves you.

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