There is Nothing Wrong with You

Nothing is wrong with you.

I know that feeling. That feeling when you feel like you are abnormal. Those moments when hardly a day goes by without you making one mistake or the other. Those moments your flaws just seem to be excessively amplified.

I know that feeling. When you can’t seem to get a grip on yourself. When you stare into the mirror all you see are your faults, your mistakes, your flaws, your frailties.

I know that feeling. That feeling of inadequacy when you just can’t figure out why you are the way you are!

In my case, I heard it a zillion times! My parents told me there was something wrong with me. I believed them. It didn’t matter that I was a struggling child. It didn’t matter that I was a depressed teenager. It didn’t matter that they had the responsibility of taking care of me, yet I believed.

Years later, I got into a relationship and all I ever heard was that there was something wrong with me. And I believed him. It didn’t matter that I was the one who was cheated on, yet I believed him.

Fast forward a few years later, my life is moving like a whirlwind. My flaws, my inadequacies, my fears, popping up at every turn. Fiery words, sharp outbursts, occasional meltdowns and a burning desire for solitude, I am shocked to see these things play out in my life so one morning, I stare deeply into the mirror.

I look into this mirror feeling that surely something must be wrong with me. Affirming that my parents and ex-boyfriend were right. Wanting to succumb to the voices in my head telling me to ‘do away’ with myself. Deep in my head, I hear them chant “The world doesn’t need you anyway”.

Tears streaming down my face. My body trembling. My shoulders drooping. My head bowed. I heard him say:

“You are my beloved”.
“I made you. I have kept you and I will always keep you”.
“I will carry you till your hair turns grey”
“I have loved you with an everlasting love”.
“You are my beloved. You are wanted. Loved. Cherished”.
“Give me your past and watch me turn it into something beautiful “
“I have plans to prosper you. I have plans to give you a future and a hope”

“There is nothing wrong with you”

Maybe you are at a low ebb in your life. Maybe you are at a point where you can’t seem to understand why you are getting it all wrong? I want you to know that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with you. No, you are not crazy. Yes, maybe you need to make a few changes here and there, but do not let your mistakes define you. God is saying, ‘Come, let me show you who you really are’.

There is nothing wrong with you.

From my heart to yours,


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